Established in 1996, KRISHNAM BIO-TECH engaged in the business of manufacturing of Nutraceutical products of varied ranges like Syrups, Tab, Drops, Capsules, Amino Acids, Protein powder, Energy Drinks sachet of different kind of different weights and by meeting the requirements of Nutraceutical entrepreneurs in industrial areas, in the prominent cities, and various development sectors in the country. Our products incorporate user-friendly operations and controls.

KRISHNAM BIO-TECH has started its operation in the year of 1996, which has now emeged as a well-established organization in Neutraceuticals products manufacturing as well as marketing company of the Nutraceutical products.

At KRISHNAM BIO-TECH, our continuous effort to grow in the defined path. Hence to have better focus and significant market share in ever growing sales and marketing segments. The management has come with new division namely Krishnam Healthcare ayurvedic manufacturers to satisfy the constant increased demand we have launched a new manufacturing unit namely Krishnam Healthcare In 2008. Our manufacturing facilities are carried out at our plants with innovative technologies to formulate small & large volume Oral, liquids, Capsules,Powder based on various neutraceuticals formulations. This new unit is developed to serve humanity with excellent quality products.

We are totally committed to manufacture products of world class quality with advanced features by adopting innovation in design and technology. We believe quality is the defining issue. We have adopted stringent quality control policy to manufacture products of finest quality for our esteemed customers. At KRISHNAM BIO-TECH and Krishnam Healthcare, we adopt & exercise stringent quality assurance protocols which are built into the process of raw materials testing, In process control & Finished products checks to diliver defect-free and consistent quality products. The highly trained, professionally qualified and well experienced manpower is even more stringently governed to execute high profile production activities.

The boundaries of our knowledge incremental to up gradation of our products by doing continues efforts at our works on various aspects like new products development,stringent, quality control measures, cost effectiveness and environmental friendly production system. In addition we have continued to focus on the operational efficiencies & local market, Which are our an paralleled inheritance and the foundation of our future growth. We strongly believe that the exceptional standards of quality, performance & productivity will only led us to long-term success & further strengthen our deep seated roots.

Research, Development and training is an integral part of work culture at KRISHNAM BIO-TECH and Krishnam Healthcare, We provides in house training to our professionals at regular intervals to upgrade our core competencies and knowledge to match with the latest emerging technologies. This is an effective ongoing learning process rather than just training.The Firm’s skilled and experienced team to cater to and provide its wide range of expertise knowledge ensure that each machine is designed to package prdoucts in the most effective ways. Each machine is armed with impeccable credentials, breadth of experience and backed by high accomplishments and achievements. The Firm place the highest importance on its expert engineers and nurtures and guides them towards reaching bigger goals and sucesses. Some of the prominent qualities of its team that are on display in their work include expertise, integrity, dedication, focus and also entrepreneur friendliness etc. A ‘rigorous attitude’ and ‘meticulous professionalism’ are also evident and are among the hallmarks that the team brings to all its dealings and work to the satisfaction of Firm’s customer.

Our Vision

Today, life style is very fast which brings deficiency in all aspects even human body also affects. To overcome from deficiency, we required extra nourishment. We very well understand the needs of human body and bridging the gap between deficiency and needs by providing neutraceuticals range of the products and touching lives with success.

Our Mission

KRISHNAM BIO-TECH and Krishnam Healthcare have set high goals. We have pledge to strengthen society and build a strong nation. We also adhere to provide quality range of products. As we strongly belief that, growth is never possible with lapses, so we are committed to offer a healing touch through good quality neutraceutical range of the products.

Marketing Set Up

We,believe that any innovation, research or development is incomplete, unless & until it is applied commercially, commercial activities are founded, guided, and governed by a strong and talented marketing management team with reach experience across a wide spectrum of the pharmaceuticals industry. Team members keep themselves abreast and in tune with latest sales. Hence we came up with new concern namely “Krishnam Healthcare” which has total focus on the marketing of pharmaceuticals products and ranges.


We relentlessly pursue excellence through innovation and continuous improvement in all our products to set our standards . We benchmark with the best in the pharmaceutical market . We empower our employees to generate new idea explore avenues and offer solutions that add exceptional value.


Our quality department  monitors all stages of production analysis and warehousing they managed by qualified personnel  constantly examines quality consideration – performing systematic sampling and testing at every stage from raw materials.

As a socially responsible company we always focus on development & betterment of our people.

Through each procedure of intermediate and finished.


Our commitment to implementing a robust world class quality managemenet system to systain a capture of operational excellence meeting and exceeding the expectations  of allpatients customer and regulators.

We corporate quality & compllance team regularly updates sites as per the requirement for continue improvement.